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Bridges in Prague Shipping to the Czech Republic? Being internationally successful depends on more than just you and your clients. You have to understand your target market as each country has its own culture, rules and restrictions. If you are interested in business facts or want to familiarise yourself with the different commercial practices, customs rules and economic sectors, keep reading …

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The Czech Republic is landlocked between Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland. The capital Prague is the most populated city and a popular tourist destination. The currency is the Czech crown.

In the 1990’s , the former communist state transitioned into the modern country we know today. In 1999, the Czech Republic joined the NATO. And in 2004, it joined the EU.

The Czech economy focuses mainly on the industrial sector. In particular, the automobile industry is a major growth factor. In addition, the economy profits heavily from its exporting culture. The biggest business partners are Germany and the other EU countries. Keeping all this in mind, it is clear that this growing economy is an opportunity for any investor.

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