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DHL Express - Shipping to Russia Shipping to Russia? Being internationally successful depends on more than just you and your clients. You have to understand your target market as each country has its own culture, rules and restrictions. If you are interested in business facts or want to familiarise yourself with the different commercial practices, customs rules and economic sectors, keep reading …

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The Russian Federation (unofficially Russia) is the successor state of the Soviet Union, which lasted from 1917 – 1991. The country is partly located in Europe and partly in Asia. However, 70 % of the population lives in Europe. Russia is the 9th biggest country in the world by population and the biggest country by area. The capital Moscow is the largest city and biggest economic center. Russia’s currency is the Russian Ruble (₽).

Russia shares borders with fourteen countries. Among those countries are Norway, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Mongolia and North Korea. Due to the immense size, the climate ranges from arctic to moderate. Agriculture is possible on only 32 % of the country’s surface. The remaining surface is permanently frozen or polluted.

The many natural resources form an important base for the economy. Russia mainly exports petroleum, natural gas and timber products. That is why, the economy reacts strongly to the international oil market.

DHL Express - Shipping to RussiaDHL Express can help you to develop your business within Russia. Due to our strong local network, we safely deliver your important packages and documents to any destination. Simply ship to cities like Moscow, Saint-Petersburg or Yekaterinburg. Go ahead, we even cover the most remote areas!

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