What to do next when your package hasn’t arrived!

dhl delivery time

No one likes to be kept waiting. It can be very frustrating when your package hasn’t arrived, to say the least. Keep calm and carry on reading, here’s what to do next.

Contact our customer service

Don’t start worrying right away when your package hasn’t arrived when you expected it. Your shipment might be delayed, therefore simply check our tracking tool first. If you are still unclear about the delivery status, contact us.

When you contact our customer service, you need your shipment number. You might be asked to describe the goods and packaging as accurately as possible. We then contact our distribution centres to update your package’s status. If we are unable to locate your shipment in our distribution centres, we will investigate further to find out where things went wrong.

Nobody’s home

Fortunately, most missing shipments got delivered when the office is closed or nobody’s home. If your neighbors aren’t there either, our courier leaves a delivery notice in your mailbox. On the card you find our On Demand Delivery tool. Online you can select your alternative delivery method: Our service point at Contern, a different address, delivery without signature, … Or you can choose a delivery on another day (within seven calendar days).

The right packaging is key

Inadequate packaging is the main reason for damaged goods. Proper packaging can make a big difference to getting your parcel delivered on time and in good condition. We recommend quality cardboard boxes and to avoid reusing old boxes, as those might lack firmness. Good to know: You get a new DHL box for free when shipping through our Service Points either in Contern or at different POST Luxembourg offices all across the country.

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