The Right Filler Material For Your Shipments

Filler material for DHL boxes

Packaging is one of the most important steps in the shipping process. A good packaging ensures the safety of your parcel, especially for fragile objects. Obviously, the proper outer packaging is only the first step. To fully protect your shipment, you need to choose the right filler material

Before packing …

First, determine the right dimensions of your packaging to absorb potential shocks. If your box is too big, it might dent. If it is too small, it might tear. Keep in mind you have to place all items neatly into the box including the filler material.

Choose your filler material

We recommend 5 cm between the outer packaging and your items. For the remaining space use protective material such as:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Styrofoam materials
  • Crumpled paper (e.g. old newspapers)

No need to complicate your life, old newspaper might do the trick. If you need to fill larger shipments, you can always contact a paper dealer.

Loose items ask for trouble

Finally how much filler material do you really need? The answer is simple: If your items can no longer move around, stop filling your package, as you don’t want the filler material to bulge out of your box.

Here are a few more points to remember for efficient packing:

  • Protect fragile items from all sides and use safe packaging materials like styrofoam
  • Dividers/ partitions help you to protect multiple fragile items in one box
  • Data and media discs are best protected with a thick layer of foam on all sides.
  • Edges and protrusions should be wrapped in an extra layer of cloth, paper or foam sheet.
  • Put your valuables in extra sturdy boxes.
  • Use stickers to indicate a fragile shipment. Be careful: A sticker can never substitute proper packaging!