The most unbelievable shipments of all time

DHL plane

Postal service everywhere work hard to deliver their charge. However, sometimes customers like to test their goodwill. In 1775, the American post was formed. And the service has seen many unbelievable shipments since. The following examples are the most bizarre parcels ever sent by the US Post and probably all other shipping services too.

Sending yourself by post

Before the American Civil War, a slave wanted to ship himself to freedom. He asked two friends to help him trick the authorities. It took him 27 hours from Virginia to Philadelphia. During the journey, his box was even put upside down. Despite all odds, he arrived in Pennsylvania safe and as a free man.

Sending your house by post

In 1916, a businessman wanted to build a bank in Utah. Naturally, he needed the best bricks. To construct the bank, around 80,000 bricks were sent by post. Afterwards, the American Post changed its weight limits. Ever since this incident, you can only send 90 kg maximum per day via the American postal service.

Other unbelievable shipments

Bizarre objects are not as unusual as you might think. Sometimes, a truly unusual parcel can even make headlines.

  • The most expensive item ever to be shipped by post was the Hope diamond, in 1958. Its value was around 1 million Dollars. Total shipping costs back then: 145 Dollars.
  • In the 1950’s, a worried pet owner once sent his chameleon from Ohio to the warmer Florida. The pet safely reached Florida and hopefully enjoyed its stay.
  • A team of researchers wanted to know which bizarre objects will reach their destination. They sent a ski, tennis shoes only wrapped in duct tape and a tooth among other things.

Astonishing DHL transports

Sometimes DHL clients also need to ship the impossible. Luckily, we are logistic specialists and know how to take care of special requests. For example, we transported four endangered bears from Japan to a wildlife park in England. The bears made the 9,000 km journey because of an animal conservation project.


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