Shipping with an insurance: How to insure your parcel?

Shipping with an insurance

Your shipment is valuable, either for financial or emotional reasons?  To protect your parcel, a shipping insurance is an essential service.  The insurance has you covered in case your parcel gets damaged or lost. Keep reading and learn more about shipping with an insurance.

The benefits of shipping with an insurance

You can cover the actual value of your parcel in case of damage or loss. To insure your shipment, you need to fill out the insurance section and note the insured value on the consignment note. You can also request your insurance via our automated systems.

Limited shipment insurance

Our standard liability covers up to $20/kg for air transport and $10/kg for road transport. Additionally, we protect our customers in case a parcel is damaged or lost due to external causes. This coverage is valid from the moment the shipment is in control of DHL Express until the time of delivery.

This additional Shipment Insurance is available worldwide, however restrictions may apply temporarily for example as a consequence of political risk. Some restrictions always apply including delays, unsuitable packed goods, willful misconduct by the customer or its agents and more.