Sending lithium batteries

Shipping lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are part of your smartphone, tablet and multiple other electronic devices. Sending those batteries requires special attention as legislation specifies certain shipping standards and rules. This article provides a brief overview.

What to check when shipping lithium batteries?

Regardless of shipping rechargeable lithium ion batteries which are very commonly found in portable consumer electronics such as laptops,  smartphones etc… or non-rechargeable lithium metal batteries commonly used in cameras, the regulations concern the following shipments:

  • Individually packed batteries for example, loose power banks.
  • Separately packed batteries which are sent together with a device like a smartphone with a replaceable battery.
  • Batteries inside a device, for instance, a notebook with an integrated battery.

IATA regulations

IATA regulations aim to guarantee safe air freight, including the shipment of lithium batteries. It is important to note that the sender is legally responsible for complying with the IATA regulations.

Shipping lithium batteries

DHL does not accept any damaged batteries or such that are destined for recycling regardless of their condition. The sender is responsible to respect our shipping policy regarding dangerous goods. To make sure that your shipment complies to the IATA regulations, kindly inform DHL Express in advance before you send such a parcel. Our  experts will be happy to help you with the regulations and preparing your shipment.