Get delivered on your terms! We developed an innovative and easy-to-use tool that ensures a simplified delivery process for shippers and receivers all over the world. On-Demand-Delivery means you have the flexibility to adapt your own delivery.

The On-Demand-Delivery (ODD) process

With our On-Demand-Delivery (ODD) tool, receivers can easily manage their delivery. Depending on the destination (available delivery options vary from country to country), receivers may choose up to six delivery options via the ODD website:

  • Deliver to an alternative address
  • Put the delivery on vacation hold
  • Deliver to a service point or parcel locker e.g. PackUP Stations*
  • Reschedule delivery
  • Signature release
  • Leave with neighbor

Once satisfied, the receiver can send a confirmation message to DHL to change the delivery.

The ODD benefits

This service is FREE to use and no login is required! A new function enables receivers to register themselves. They can easily save their preferred delivery settings for future shipments. A great tool for busy bees, who always want to get delivered at their work address.

Enjoy a hassle-free delivery experience! Have a look at our ODD site: www.delivery.dhl.com/lu

ODD for your e-commerce business

E-commerce clients can integrate our On-Demand-Delivery tool in their online shop. One global system makes it possible to track and adjust cross-border deliveries from pick-up until delivery. The receiver is in full control of the order and can self-manage the delivery. The benefits for e-commerce shippers include:

  • Self-service delivery and re-delivery platform resulting in less customer service requests for the online shop
  • ODD increases the first time delivery experience
  • Less returns caused by undeliverables

Find out more about our e-commerce solutions and open your account!

*All over Luxembourg, you can pick up your shipment from POST PackUp Stations all over the country