Import duties clarified

Shipping across borders

Every parcel sent to a non-EU country has to go through Customs first. Sometimes the clearing is quick, sometimes not. It is up to the Customs authorities to decide if  you have to pay import duties for your shipment. There are no import taxes when you send a parcel to any location within the EU. Once your shipment crosses EU borders, however, it gets more difficult.

Do I have to pay import duties?

Goods are subject to Customs from start to finish of the shipping process. Crossing the EU border in particular involves quite the amount of red tape. This is why Customs charges apply. But you can rest assured, most door-to-door transportation costs are part of the standard Customs clearance, except for a few local cases.

What can I ship?

Can you ship anything anywhere? According to local laws and regulations, certain goods might be restricted or even prohibited. Customs authorities will make sure that your shipments are compliant.

Why are you charged additionally? Authorities will determine all import and export taxes, depending on the shipment. Keep in mind the big difference between sending and receiving shipments.

DHL Express – your personal Customs expert

Customs paperwork can seem exhausting for individuals. That is why DHL Express acts as an mediator between you and the authorities. We are proud to be the world’s largest Customs broker and we even offer localized Customs services to our customers across the globe.

First we check your shipment, then we send your shipment information to the Customs authorities. They assist us to accelerate the clearance so your goods quickly reach their destination.

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