How to ship fragile items?

Fragile items

Don’t worry about sending your fragile items. You only need to take few precautions in the packaging process and your shipment will reach its destination safely. Find our best tips to ship delicate objects in this article.

Choose the right material

Corrugated cardboard boxes are the best option for any parcel. For fragile items, double or even triple wall boxes are even better. Do not reuse an old box as it might have soften over time. In addition, check the specifications of your box to see if it is strong enough to hold your contents.

You don’t have a good enough box? Simply ship from one of our DHL Service Points and you will receive a free box. They come in various sizes so you will find your perfect box.

How to pack your fragile items properly

Pack your parcel as tight as you can! Just be careful: On the one hand, leaving too much empty space is problematic, as your box can collapse. On the other hand, an overstuffed box could rip. Pick just the right size for your parcel and keep in mind to:

  • Protect your fragile goods with filling material like foam chips or old newspapers
  • Use separators when placing more than one object in the same box

The H-taping method

For the final step, seal your package with the H-taping method:

  • Tape the length of your box, along the middle line
  • Close the sides with tape as well