How to send a parcel abroad?

Send a parcel abroad with DHL Express

When you send a parcel abroad you might ask yourself: How do I prepare my shipment? When will it arrive? Probably, you are also looking for the best courier service to transport your precious shipment. Read here our tips for international shipping.

How should I prepare the packaging?

Avoid damaged goods with a properly packed shipment: At first, make sure your box or envelope has the right size: Too big and your package could get dents, too small and your package could rip. The right filling material helps to avoid moving objects inside your parcel, this is especially important for fragile items. In addition, choose the best outside material for your shipment. For example cardboard envelopes are perfect for your documents, and bubble envelopes are best for sending keys or CDs.

You do not have a box or envelope? Don’t worry we offer them for free in various sizes. You can choose your preferred box type and ship up to 20 kilos from one of our Service Points.

How do I check the status of my parcel?

Your shipping destination is far away? Better choose a courier service with a worldwide network that even covers the most remote areas.

We offer different real-time tracking options that let you follow your shipment at any time and any place. Thanks to our tracking tools, you know where your shipment is, where it will go next and when it will arrive. You can follow your shipment via our online Tracking tool. If you have no internet access, DHL ExpressSMS can track your shipment.

What about the paperwork?

It could be so easy, if there wouldn’t be any paperwork. What kind of customs documents do you need? Have you considered the fees for shipping across borders? Do you need to ship dangerous goods? Inform yourself about our customs services at DHL Express before shipping. We will help you to handle the paperwork and to safely send a parcel abroad.