E-commerce on the rise in Luxembourg

Luxembourg city

E-commerce is growing fast worldwide. How is the global trend doing in Luxembourg? Let’s take a look at the market conditions and the journey of starting your own e-commerce business.
The Global Innovation Index places Luxembourg on the 15th spot (source: World Intellectual Property Organisation). In 2017, Luxembourg ranked as the most ready country for e-commerce (source: UNCTAD). The spirit of innovation and the potential to profit are definitely present on the market. But is this enough?

The SME e-commerce market in Luxembourg is small but growing steadily. Businesses have different approaches to tackle the e-market. Retailers with established shops launch online shops to diversify their business. Independent entrepreneurs start directly selling products online. Other shops and manufacturers offer local products on third-party platforms.

The great thing about e-commerce? It is accessible for a variety of business types. Fashion, crafts, food and beverages are just a few potential areas. And it’s easy to get started.

Starting your e-commerce business in Luxembourg

Whether you start in a garage, co-working space or an established retail store, you can get advice from various initiatives in Luxembourg like the Chamber of Commerce, the House of Startups or the House of Entrepreneurship.

The logistics of e-commerce

In a small market like Luxembourg, you are probably thinking about cross-border trade at an early stage of your development. To tap into the international market, think about your logistics strategy first. Make sure to offer:

  • International shipping
  • Express delivery options
  • Full tracking services
  • Simple returns policy

Keep in mind: Your customers expect premium shipping options and might abandon their shopping cart without a good returns policy!

What DHL Express can offer

Global reach: We are present in more than 220 countries and territories.

In-house customs expertise: We make the international shipping process simple to avoid customs delays. Ask for Duties & Taxes Paid (DTP) Services, to provide a seamless delivery experience for your customers.

E-commerce resources: Find out more about the topic and Power Up Your Potential.

On Demand Delivery: Your online shoppers can choose when and where their delivery will take place.

Easy return policy process: Offering this service means your shoppers are more likely to spend more.

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