The customs process in a nutshell

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Customs – a simple enough word – but what does it really entail? Find out how DHL Express deals with customs regulations when delivering your parcels.

What is Customs?

Customs is simply an authority that collects and safeguards customs duties. Countries want to control goods coming in and out. That’s why, the customs process starts in the country of origin and ends at the country of destination.

The authorities decide if and how much customs duties need to be paid. All customs-dutiable shipments have to be accompanied by an invoice. On this basis, customs authorities calculate the taxes. Usually, they collect the taxes when goods are moved across international borders. However, some free trade zones exist around the world.

At DHL Express, we deal with the customs agencies on your behalf. Once the authorities clear your goods, we safely deliver your parcel to its destination.

Usually, the receiver has to pay customs duties. However if you want to send gifts or simplify the life of your clients, you might want to pay the duties for them. With DHL Express shippers can pay the fees at origin if they want.

You also need to pay attention to restricted goods! Many countries forbid certain goods from crossing their border. This concerns export and import. Learn more about the import guidelines in Luxembourg.

How does DHL Express deal with customs?

Every day, DHL Express acts as a customs broker for its clients. This means, we process several million customs entries. Daily! In fact, we are now the world’s largest customs broker.

We thoroughly check the customs paperwork and hand your shipment information over to the authorities. This process speeds up the customs process. And your goods reach their destination quickly and efficiently.

Customs Services at DHL Express

DHL Express offers a wide choice of customs services to ease international transport like Advance Payment, Bonded Storage or Temporary Import or Export.

Find out more about customs services at DHL Express !