Green shipping solutions: Making green logistics become reality

green shipping solutions

Thinking about reducing your ecological footprint? You want to take care of the environment in all aspects of your life? Then you might be looking for green ways to ship your parcels or documents. We have set ourselves an ambitious goal towards green logistics: Zero emissions by 2050.  Therefore, DHL offers green shipping solutions. In this article, you find a brief overview of our services.

Our gogreen initiative

Protecting the environment and business success go hand in hand. This is the motivation behind our GoGreen initiative. That is why, we continuously strive to limit our CO2 emissions. We keep this promise by: Optimising transport routes; using alternative vehicles and building energy-efficient warehouses.

By our next milestone in 2025, we want to improve our carbon efficiency by 50% compared to 2007 and certify 80 % of our employees as GoGreen specialists. All this and more will help us to create a more sustainable future.

Green shipping solutions: GoGreen Carbon Neutral

You want to go completely green? GoGreen Carbon Neutral is our all-in service for clients. In a first step, we calculate the CO2 emission of your shipments. Your emissions are then compensated by investments in environmentally friendly projects. Additionally, you receive an annual certification from an independent auditor for your records.

Know your Carbon Footprint

Interested in monitoring your carbon footprint? To become a green champion, you want to know where you stand. Therefore, DHL offers report services that measure the environmental impact of your shipments:

  • Carbon Footprint report: Detailed overview of CO2 emissions for your shipments
  • Carbon Estimate report: High-level estimate of CO2 emissions