DHL Medical Express: Vital goods in safe hands

Industry solution: DHL Medical Express

DHL Express provides tailor-made solutions for various industries. Naturally the medical and pharmaceutical industry are part of this. Therefore, we offer DHL Medical Express for hospitals, laboratories and other players of the life-science industry.  The service depends highly on speed and temperature control. Continue reading to learn more.

Perfect timing is everything

Speed is everything. This statement is especially true for the medical industry where delay is no option. Supplies need to reach their destinations safely, intact and exactly on time. This is why DHL Medical Express focuses on the perfect timing and careful handling of your medical shipment.

Transporting temperature-sensitive goods

There is one more important thing besides speedy delivery: Temperature control! No matter if ambient, chilled or frozen, DHL Medical Express knows how to keep your shipment at a constant temperature. Therefore, the service provides you with different thermo packaging options and dry ice when needed.

Who can ship goods with DHL Medical Express?

Medical organisations such as laboratories, hospitals or research institutes are the usual clients of DHL Medical Express. The service ships the following goods:

  • Investigational medicine: pharmaceuticals for clinical testings.
  • Clinical supplies: materials used in medical tests.
  • Biological samples: patient samples sent to labs for analysis.

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