Assumptions about Express delivery and logistics debunked

Express delivery and logistics

Let’s debunk some commonly believed assumptions about logistics and Express services:

Assumption 1: Underestimating the importance of logistics for your business

Running a successful business has a lot to do with getting your logistics strategy right. In a variety of sectors, companies gain a real advantage over their peers by implementing a comprehensive logistics strategy for their supply chain.

And underestimating its importance can lead to severe consequences especially for the e-commerce sector. A variety of delivery options and easy returns can boost any online shop.

Assumption 2: Forgetting about the added value of Express

Express shipping adds a true value to your supply chain or delivery process. In particular, the world of e-commerce can only win by offering Express shipping. Online shoppers are ready to pay more for a premium delivery solution and expect to see an Express delivery option. In fact, retailers who offer premium shipping grow 60% faster than those who don’t. Learn more about e-commerce in our knowledge base!

But who exactly needs Express solutions? We offer solutions for a variety of different industries: medicine and health care, financial services, manufacturing, fashion, IT, trade shows and many more. All rely on our services.

Assumption 3: Thinking there is only one shipping solution

Actually, we offer several shipping solutions. With DHL Express Worldwide your shipment arrives on the next possible business day. Our most popular product delivers your parcels before 9 am, 12 am or by the end of the next business day. DHL Same Day holds a solution to all super urgent requests, or special requirements. The DHL Medical Express product makes sure vital goods are in safe hands. We ship medical goods for the life-science industry focusing on the perfect timing and careful handling. Another business focused product is DHL Globalmail which delivers international business correspondence. And then there is DHL Express Easy, the hassle-free service for irregular shippers. Find your closest DHL Express Easy Service Point in Luxembourg.

Online shop owners learn how easy e-commerce can be when integrating DHL services into their e-store. Moreover, our On-Demand-Delivery tool simplifies shipping process for everyone. It gives receivers the ability to request delivery to their workplace, their neighbor’s house or a collection point like the POST PackUp 24/24 stations.

Is it just the delivery then? No, we have so much more to offer. Our optional services range from packaging, shipping insurance, mailing preparations to customs services. In addition, we offer real-time tracking solutions online.

Assumption 4: Environmentally-friendly shipping is difficult

We want to operate our services with zero emissions by 2050! That’s the ambitious goal of DHL Go Green. This initiative aims to build energy efficient warehouses, optimize transport routes and train our employees to become green champions. But that’s far from all. We created our product line DHL Go Green to enable carbon neutral shipping for our clients. Together, we make green logistics become a reality.

Assumption 5: You might think it is only your courier

Many people keep up our high service quality for you. Our operations department is the core of the business, handling pick-ups, deliveries, and getting your shipments on their way to any location worldwide. We are proud to have a locally-based customer service responding to all your questions. Our customs experts speed up the delivery process for your benefit. That’s only a few examples. Everyone at DHL undergoes extensive training to become a Certified International Specialist with the know-how and the right attitude to serve our clients. We are ready to help!

Benefit from preferential business rates and contact us for a commercial offer for your business!